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structured on ISO 9001: 2015 Standard

Utmost attention

Our company pays the utmost attention to each operational phase, starting from the examination of the Customer’s request, its technical and commercial evaluation, the formulation of the offer, up to the order processing, control and transfer of the relative technical and test documentation.
The Company’s specific experience, supported by the contribution of highly qualified external consultants, is fundamental during the analysis and verification phases.

Selection of suppliers

The meticulous selection of suppliers, mainly European, carried out during 30 years of business activity, allowed them to achieve a very high level of reliability.

This guarantees us, and above all our customers, the authenticity and absolute reliability/quality of the product.
Sicom Italia carries out regular visits and audits to the suppliers’ sites.

Certified products

All supplied products are certified according to EN 10204 regulations. Thanks to the acquired technical experience, additional inspections and specific supplementary tests on materials can be performed, either in our warehouse or in qualified independent laboratories, e.g. non-destructive tests, mechanical tests, chemical analysis, corrosion, and other tests, if and when required. All tests are carried out by highly qualified and certified personnel in accordance with the international regulations.

The added value of Sicom Italia

We guarantee our customers a complete and quality service.
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Quality Policy

The management of Sicom Italia undertakes to pursue a policy that places the customer at the center of its activities.

Customer satisfaction is pursued by offering and adapting all processes to their particular needs and monitoring the achievement of the objectives agreed in the contractual phase.

The Client takes on a central role for the success of Sicom Italia.

It therefore becomes important to know him thoroughly, communicate with the customer whenever the need exists, provide services / products that meet his needs and create high customer satisfaction.

The objectives that Sicom Italia aims at are:

  • Improvement of the image and reputation on the market, and therefore customer fidelity, increase in turnover, entry into new market areas.
  • Customer satisfaction and therefore: achievement of budget objectives, constant reduction in the number of complaints obtained by purchasing products from suppliers certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 and / or PED 97/23 / EC, or qualified by Sicom Italia.
  • Compliance with contractual commitments by subjecting the purchased materials to appropriate controls.
  • Recourse to external personnel (control bodies, inspectors) of confirmed experience.
  • Customer assistance
(The achievement of these objectives will be constantly monitored through the detection of customer satisfaction and the analysis of complaints).

With the achievement of these objectives it is intended to realize a company strongly focused on its customers, increase the effectiveness on the market and to make Customer satisfaction the differentiating factor in a highly competitive market.

The specific objectives will be defined annually in the “Management Review” and distributed to all personnel.

Bosnasco : 23-07-2018

Gian Piero Torretta
President of Board and Managing Director